Grab your Bridge partner


They’re here! At long last, the Red Deck of the Tacoma Playing Cards is finished, printed and delivered.


(You’ll have to excuse my cheesy phone photos—I was just too excited to dig out the fancy camera.)


It’s so great to see the finished product, and how well everyone’s artwork reproduced at playing-card size. But you can also see the originals—if you’re local, stop by the big launch party this Friday, October 4 in downtown Tacoma. If not, you can find all the originals for sale on the Tacoma Makes website.


I illustrated the Queens again—and in the process, saw some secret pockets of Tacoma I’d never visited before.


I also got to revisit some old favorites,


some beloved institutions,


and even some hidden corners of old haunts.


But best of all is the feeling of seeing both decks together. Maybe now I’ll finally learn how to play Bridge…

3 Responses to “Grab your Bridge partner”

  1. Maike Bohlen says:

    great work! Will sell like hell! If i ever stumble upon them, they´ll be mine.

  2. jen says:

    yay! do minneapolis next. : )

  3. Chandler says:

    Thanks so much, Maike! Actually, you can grab them online directly from the folks in charge of the project: Both the new Red Deck and the original Blue Deck are available there!